Can I just say that I think this is the way Mulan should appear int the parks. In the beginning of the movie they make it very clear that the dress she wears to meet the matchmaker is not comfortable nor does it represent her personality. She spends the whole of the film proving that she is not a prize to be won or just a pawn to be married off at earliest convenience. She proves her worth in this outfit. She saves China in this outfit. She falls in love in this outfit. She risks her life, makes her strongest friendships, and changes the entire country IN THIS OUTFIT. Then they have her walk around the park in the same outfit she wore in the first scene of the movie and I think it is really negative toward her character. That is not who she is.


I totally agree that her current parks outfit is a slap in the face to her character and what she had to go through. But Ping is not the option I would give Mulan when it comes to her go to look for the parks. When Mulan was dressed as ping she was in disguise and hadn’t come to her own, her journey wasn’t done. Mulan comes to her own when she saves China, as the strong woman she is with no fronts or masks which is what ping and the marriage look was for her. 


THIS is who Mulan is on the inside^

She is a warrior, she is a hero, and she is a girl all mixed into one. This look I feel speaks to that. Here she is the person she thought she never could be at the beginning of the film. Yet as her father said she bloomed into what would be the most beautiful flower of all. 

I fully agree. While the Ping outfit up there looks amazing, Mulan didn’t feel comfortable conforming to the traditional female and male gender roles of her society and thus never felt truly comfortable wearing either the ‘matchmaking’ outfit or the Ping armor.

There it is^ her real self, the person who she feels completely free and at home with is who she is at the end of the Film.  That is the look that should be reflected in the parks and in the official line up.

(Source: Flickr / klingon65)

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